About the company

We are a consulting company that brings money from public sources to businesses and saves their expenditures by managing costs. We assume full responsibility for our work, and our reward is dependant on the results.

  • 17 years

    We have been bringing public money to businesses and cost savings for 15 years now.

  • 47 billion

    We have realized projects for clients worth over CZK 47 billion.

  • 2000 projects

    We helped find the best funding combination for over 1,400 projects.

  • 18 branches

    You can already find us in 18 cities all over the Czech Republic and thus in your region as well.


Why innovate with enovation

Do you really use all the possibilities of public support? We assess your projects, interconnect various project financing sources from the Czech Republic and the EU and find possible savings on taxes or energy expenditures.

You will be taken care of by the best in the industry

Every project needs different experts. That is why selected specialists in the given area of grants and the development of business or savings with experience in your field of business will come to you.  We have an internal team of 50 specialists who are number one in the Czech Republic in their field.

We provide comprehensive service

We work so as to minimize the temporal and personnel burden on your part. We draw up the project for you, complete all the necessary documentation and methodologies, arrange communication with the authorities and we assume full responsibility.

We are direct

We work openly, act fairly and get straight to the point in our communication with you. If we come to the conclusion that your project has a low chance of success, we do not initiate it. Usually, we can evaluate your project's chance of success right at the beginning and thus save time for both parties.

You pay for results

We are not looking for quick profit at the expense of the quality of our work and without commitments to our clients. We see meaning in long-term cooperation with the customer and the customer's satisfaction with our work. We, therefore, place an emphasis on the maturity of most rewards only after the successful acquisition of a grant or investment incentives, the application of tax relief, etc. The bonus for succeeding gives you certainty that we will do our best.

We assume responsibility

We bear responsible for the success of the project, but also for any mistakes. Because of our reliability, we are one of the few to have, for example, reached liability insurance with insurance coverage of up to CZK 100 million. However, we never had to use the guarantee.

We have dozens of satisfied clients

Dozens of prominent Czech and foreign companies from the technology, industrial and ICT sectors, whom we have helped with the realization of more than 1,400 projects worth CZK 32 billion, have already decided to cooperate with us.

Membership and certification

We believe that an honest and transparent company belongs in chambers of commerce and business associations.

  • AMSP
  • APEF
  • Asociace pro veřejné zakázky
  • Komora daňových poradců

The quality of our energy and energy savings services has been confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade by registering us in the List of Energy Service Providers.


Our partners

Some cooperation grows into a solid business partnership.

  • Moneta

  • Accenture
  • UniCredit Bank
  • intel

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